Scientific writing

In the Spring term of 2008, let's try out yet another way to improve our English. Every Tuesday (unless otherwise listed), starting on the 22nd of January, we meet at 16:30 in room 5-204 to practise reading and writing scientific papers. The reading part will be with texts in English, but the writing part will be dealt with bilingually - first by writing summaries in Spanish and later on in English. We will also study the structure of scientific texts and practise preparing articles and thesis work. The sessions will regularly be held at a lecture room, but may migrate elsewhere if the participants so desire.

Assisting this course is entirely voluntary, highly recommended for all who are not yet completely confident with their English skills. It is also acceptable to assist just to listen at first. There will be no credit awarded for the course.

Schedule, themes and registration

There will be weekly sessions, excluding vacations and national holidays. The themes of the session to come will be chosen by the participants of the preceding session. Anyone is welcome to suggest texts to read and assignment types based on the texts.

DateTopic(s)Observations and notes
22.01.Reading and discussing two brief articles  
29.01.Reading and writing an abstract on an article Bring your own paper
05.02.Preparing a good abstract: elements and style Bring your own paper
12.02.One more paper of your own selection  
19.02.Elements of Style, first session Material available for registered participants
26.02.Cancelled We'll continue next week with Chapter III
04.03.Chapter III, rules 1-13 To be continued...
11.03.No session(exam season)
01.04.The rest of Chapter III 
08.04.Chapter IV 
15.04.Documentary session 
22.04.Documentary session 
29.04.Movie session 
06.05.Green chemistry11:00 at the library RAF
13.05.No session 
20.05.Conversation on environmental issues  
27.05.Movie session End of semester

Registered participants

Jania Saucedo
Yajaira Cardona
Juan Carlos Salazar
Lyzett Uribe
Hugo Pérez
Jaime Cano
Angélica Salazar
David Valenzuela
Jabneel Maldonado
Matilde Sánchez
Efrain Soto
Aydeé López
Diana Huerta
Nancy Solis
Jonás Velasco
Perla Cantú


Texts on Operations Research etc.

Scientific writing

General topics

Observations on pronunciation



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