Research seminar

In Spring term of 2007, PISIS has two seminars - the seminar in Spanish on Thursdays at 12:20 and this one on Tuesdays at 16:30 in English. The sessions are held in the lecture room 5-203.

The purpose of this Research seminar (in English) is to present work-in-progress, initial research results, thesis topic plans, and other work (that is, just about anything - after all, the goal is to practice speaking) that falls outside the scope of the Thursday seminar. Also, should a professor or a student of PISIS wish to give a regular research seminar in English, the Tuesday seminar provides an opportunity to do that.

We especially encourage students to come present their thesis topics when starting to work on the thesis. We hope that the audience will actively comment on the presentation, both on the contents and the presentation. The goal of the seminar is not only to dissiminate information but also to increase the readiness of the people of PISIS to present and discuss their work in English. Anyone preparing a conference presentation is most welcome to come practice in the seminar.

Assisting the seminar is entirely voluntary, highly recommended for all who are not yet completely confident with their English skills. We encourage those hoping to improve their spoken English to sign up to give a presentation, but simply by assisting one can improve at least hearing comprehension - by asking questions or making comments, everyone can practice speaking English.


There will be weekly sessions, excluding vacations and national holidays, according to the schedule below. The sessions will typically last from 30 minutes up to an hour, including questions (both during and after the presentation), discussion, and oral feedback.

Additional persons wanting to present should contact Elisa by e-mail ( in order to share a time slot with another presenter.

The links on the titles point to PDF versions of the slides when available.

Jan 23 Elisa SchaefferOrganizational issues of the seminar
Feb 6Sergio Madrigal A Brief History of Prediction Intervals
for the Exponential Smoothing Methods
Feb 13Arturo BerronesStochastic search and diffusion
Feb 20Dexmont PeñaA new technique for time series analysis
based on stochastic processes and statistical learning
Feb 27Enid TreviñoGovernment Environmental Policies:
Effects in Reverse Logistics Operation
Mar 6Xochitl AquiahuattRemanufacturing of products and reverse logistics
Mar 13 Cancelled
Mar 20 Perla Elizabeth Cantú Cerda,
Aydée López Muñiz y
Hugo Alexer Pérez Vicente
Random numbers (postponed)
Mar 27Deniz ÖzdemirService-based Approach for Supply Chains with Multiple Transportation Modes
Apr 17Angélica Salazar AguilarTerritory Design
Apr 24Saul CaballeroSolving the TDP with GRASP
May 8Ricardo M. SánchezParameter Optimization in Computational Models of Engineering Applications
May 22José Angel SeguroLocation-Allocation Method to solve Territorial Design Problems
May 29Fernando López IrarragorriDecision Support in R&D Portfolio Selection
(TBA = to be announced)

Feedback form

At each session, participants will be offered a chance to fill in anonymously a feedback form (available in PDF). At the end of each session, the forms will be given directly to the presenter and it is up to the presenter to decide if he or she wishes to discuss them with someone. The feedback form attends the following key issues of spoken/written English:

As we hope not only to improve the English of the presenter, but also to help him or her improve as a speaker, there is also space for commenting on the following issues:

For each question, one may choose from the following options: excellent, good, satisfactory, and weak. There is also space for writing comments on the contents of the presentation (that is, research-related things, not presentation-related things) and general comments on anything that comes to mind.


Observations made during the seminar



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